The Truth: You are loved. You are Beautiful. You have a purpose.

Trusting In the Darkness

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#39 Needing All the Answers

My daughter graduates from college in a few weeks. She’s taking a year to save money and get some experience in her field before investing in grad school. If you ask her what her future plans are, she would tell you she doesn’t know, she’s trusting in God to show her.

I remember being a similar age and begging God for answers. “Where should I go to college?” “What should I study?” I was a mess emotionally.

I think Covid has taught my daughter that it’s possible to live in the unknown, to trust in God to provide what she cannot see.

I want to learn this too. I think I would rest better at night if I gave my unknowns to my Creator, if I truly trusted God.


Give me peace in the darkness of night.

Let me feel your hand holding mine.

Open my ears to your voice beckoning me onward.

Teach me to trust you.


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