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The Final Lent Post – Late, But Finished

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#40 Unmet Expectations

This series has been so difficult for me. There were days I would write and then WordPress wouldn’t publish my post when I scheduled them. Other days I forced a post before bed.

In the end, it’s days after Lent and I’m writing my last post of the series. So frustrating!

I’m learning that the last thing we should give up for a better life is unmet expectations.

Others let us down. We let ourselves down. We don’t meet our goals or our deadlines. We don’t get the grade we wanted or the job we hoped for. Authorities tell us no. Friends don’t show up when we need them. Family hurts us.

We don’t always get what we want or expect or think we deserve. Life can be hard.

But despite the disappointment, disillusion, and heartache, we press on. We learn to forgive others and ourselves. We give grace. We love when we are hurting. Why? Because we too need grace and love when we hurt others. And most of all, when we hurt ourselves.

Today, let’s let go of unmet expectations and forgive ourselves and others.

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