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Habit Making

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#35 Swimming Against the Flow

I have in my mind that I should be able to write at home, upstairs in my studio. So after work, I’ve been heading home with the intention to write. But I pull in the driveway and Max, our beagle, runs out to the fence to bark and wave his tail at me. Then when I get inside, he’s excitedly waiting in his crate for me to play fetch. All thoughts of writing flee my mind. It’s time to play.

And so goes another day without writing.

This week I’ve started going straight to my local coffee shop to write. It’s easy because I’m forced to sit and do it. No distracting dog, dishes, television or yarn. Just a pen, paper and computer.

What habit are you attempting to create in your life? How’s it going? Are you swimming against the current to make it happen? Is there a better way, one that goes with the flow?

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