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Eat the Corn First

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#30 Waiting Until the Last Minute

The last few posts have been finished as I’m laying in bed at night, and after 9pm my brain is useless. Yet I’m forced to write in order to keep my promise to post daily through the Lenten season. You, dear reader, are getting my worst work. And that makes me frustrated and anxious all day long as I watch the minutes slip away with the job undone.

So I want to stop waiting until the last minute to do my important work. I tend to do what has to be done, and then when I have a free moment to do the important work, I’m too tired to do it well. Do you do this? Do you procrastinate on the important, in favor of doing the necessary?

It reminds me of my childhood. I liked to save my favorite item on my plate (corn) until after I had eaten the stuff I didn’t like (peas), thinking then I could enjoy the corn more. But in reality, by the time I got to the good stuff, I was beginning to feel full.

Well, it’s time to stop saving the good stuff for last. It’s time to give it the priority it deserves. Are you with me?

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