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Starting September 1 with a New Bullet Journal

Bullet journal

Bullet journal?

Of course I do. Doesn’t everyone?

I’ve been an avid bullet journal lover for several years now.


  • productivity
  • organization
  • creativity
  • Knowing that all my brain needs to remember is written down in one place = LESS STRESS
  • it’s harder to procrastinate

I keep everything, I mean EVERYTHING, in my little journal. From my calendar, to the gifts I give and the books I’ve read, to how I spend my money and time, to ideas, dreams and goals. I fill it with washi tape, stickers, drawings, quotes, and color. It’s the right and left side of my brain; knowledge and creations sit side by side.

So I fill journals quickly. I’m ready to start my fourth one this year. Sunday I spent all afternoon and evening, planning and transferring my “collections” to a brand new planner. September feels like January 1st to me. It’s a new beginning full of hope and excitement.

I experiment with different notebooks all the time: dotted, graph, lined, A6, B6, black, brown, blue, whatever fits my fancy at the time.

I experimented with the Moleskine Voyager last time. It’s divided into 3 sections: lined, dotted and blank. I liked the different sections, but quickly used up the dotted section and had to improvise.

I’ve discovered I love the B6 size journals. This “5×7” journal fits in my bags and purses better. I like the feel of it in my hands. It’s versatile and small enough to not be intrusive.

After much researching on Amazon, I found the Red Co. Journal. The are a dotted B6 planner. The hard covers come in many different colors, each with its own embossed design. Of course as a writer, I went with the black planner with the feather pen pattern. Isn’t it a beauty?

Here are a few of my favorite pages and where to find more information them. If you want to learn more about bullet journaling check out Ryder Carrol, the original creator, as well as my favorite Bullet journal You-tubers.

Bullet journal spread

Goals Grid

Bullet journal spread

Bullet Journal Monthly Work Tracker

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