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Friday @ 5

  • I’m attempting to organize my studio with new Ikea furniture. Now to figure out what yarn is in what box! Maybe next week I’ll work on that.IKEA furniture
  • I’m excited for tomorrow. I start in my new Bullet journal.Bullet journalBullet Journal
  • I cast off my DaPunzel Shawl. The original shawl looks beautiful on Ravelry. Mine?…blah. I wish I had knit it out of a different yarn.Hand knitHand knit
  • This week I designed a Headband pattern based off the concept from the DaPunzel Shawl. I knit with a cheap yarn to test it. Here’s to hoping the next one looks better. I’ll use a yarn that doesn’t have a halo. (This week’s yarn projects frustrate me. I hope the weekend brings better results.)Hand knit
  • Jessica headed off to her second year of college. Quiet emptiness filled the house, so I turned on my favorite podcasts and weeded the garden for a while. Fresh air always helps blue moods. Marigolds

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