The Truth: You are loved. You are Beautiful. You have a purpose.

You Are Loved

“for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.”
‭‭Psalms 26:3 NIV

40 Things to Give up for a Better Life

#5 Doubting Your Loved

I spent too many years thinking the only way God would love me was if I was perfect. Obviously, that is an unattainable goal. How frustrating and discouraging to never feel I could measure up.

Then I decided that if I was going believe in him, I needed to believe him. It was time to believe what the Bible says about God’s love.

Here’s what I learned:

God loves me, and you, just as we are. His love is not based on our good works, but on his character. His love is unfailing, unending, and yes, undeserved. But He loves us anyway.

So now I wake up with the knowledge that I am loved with an unfailing love. I live each day relying on God’s faithfulness. And I go to sleep at night resting in His care.

You can too. You can trust in God’s love. You can believe you are loved.

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