The Truth: You are loved. You are Beautiful. You have a purpose.

Friday @ 5

  • Rebekah Lyons event: Saturday my friend, Dee, and I went to hear the author, Rebekah Lyons. She recently wrote her second book, “You are Free: Be Who You Already Are” about the freedom we find through Christ. She preached! I’ve not heard a woman speak so passionately for a long time. It was refreshing and encouraging.

  • Hope*Writers: I recently joined the Hope*Writers group. If you are thinking about pursuing writing, it is an excellent resource for writers. But membership is only open for a short while and then closes for a year. I hope to learn my craft better, especially the business side of it, and to develop relationships within this group of writers.

  • The Jane Hawk trilogy by Dean Koontz: Are you looking for an “I can’t put this down until I find out what happens” scary read? Check out the Jane Hawk trilogy by Dean Koontz. Jane Hawk is a former FBI agent whose husband “committed” sucked. Jane is on a mission to find out what really happened. You will enter a world eerily like the one we live in, but with one frightening difference. Start with “

  • The Way I Heard it with Mike Rowe podcast: If you’ve never heard Mike Rowe’s voice, I’m sorry because the smoothness with cause you to fall in love. But even better than his voice are his stories. Fascinating tidbits about famous stories and people throughout history. And best of all, they are short. His tag line is “for the curious minded with a short attention span.”

  • Book progress: With the proposal nearly done, the book finally feels real. The manuscript is back from the editor with many less red marks than we anticipated. I’m shocked. I thought my chapters would need a great deal of work. I see God at work in this book. Perhaps He does want to use me as a writer after all. I gave up the desire to write several years ago, believing it was a selfish, thinking “what words do I have worth anyone reading?” Yet here I sit with a nearly completed book! Now the wait begins as we send out the proposals

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