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An Overnighter at the Farm

Lilly Knust photo of the family farm’s cows.

I spent last night at my coauthor, Susan Hayhurst’s farm. She gave me her finished chapters which I will plug into the manuscript, rotating back and forth from mine to hers.

We stayed up late while 4Hers walked cows in the moonlight. Her husband led a favorite calf up to the back door for nose scratches.

I slept under a antique quilt and woke to birds chirping outside the window.

We ate breakfast on Susan’s porch while momma cows nibbled on the grass nearby. It was a much needed encouraging time with my friend.

We dreamed up book cover ideas: sunsets over fields, cows in the background. Perhaps something like the one at the beginning of this post that Susan’s daughter Lilly Knust took.

The book is coming together. A few more days and we will be ready to turn in the manuscript. it feels so good to see the finish line approaching.

I’ve already decided July’s focus is rest and enjoyment. I’m reassuring for some deep rest. I want to enjoy the accomplishment for a little while and not jump into a new project.

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