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Keep Going: You Can Do It!

I need Nelson Mandela’s quote right now. With deadlines looming, accomplishing my goal of finishing writing the Farm Life Devotional seems impossible. My head is telling me that quitting would feel so good, be so easy. Do you ever feel that way?

I decided yesterday that I needed a mental health day…no writing, no editing (outside of work). I’d sit on my balcony and read. I grabbed two magazines I’d bought last weekend. Writer’s Digest and Poets and Writers, fully intending to read through them. But as an afterthought I added Guideposts to my stack. I’m thankful I did.

The June/July 2022 issue has two articles I especially wanted to read. My close friend and coauthor, Jeanette Levellie wrote a sweet piece about kicking her sugar addiction. As I read I thought back to moments with her while she was battling the desire for sugar. I remember meeting her for breakfast at our favorite restaurant one Saturday and ordering a cinnamon roll (what a terrible friend I can be). She said, “Go ahead. Eat it. Just don’t moan and groan about how good it tastes.” I told her it tasted like cardboard and she should be glad she didn’t get one.

The other article I read was written by Katheryn Allen Berlandi, granddaughter of Norman Vincent Peale, titled “What Grandpa Taught Me.” I think God put the article in the magazine just for me. This quote especially helped me, “With every step you take, even the missteps, you are loved and valued by God.” Boy did that sooth a sore spot in my heart. I’d been wrestling with several “missteps” this week.

I was also surprised and glad to find that Norman Vincent Peale struggled with anxiety too. I wonder if he ever jumped when touched or spoken to. I spilled watermelon juice all over myself the other day at work for no good reason other than a shaky hand. How embarrassing to have to wear a white with pink splattered shirt all through the work day!

After work yesterday I also stopped at the grocery store to buy some greeting cards. (If you ever get a card from me, know I REALLY care about you because they are expensive!) I’ve never done this before, but I bought myself a card. I will hang it on my cork board as an encouragement.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

I’m holding on to Mandela’s quote and trying to remind myself that the only way to succeed is to keep going when you feel like quitting.

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  1. Jennifer McDaniels

    You CAN do this. I believe in you, my very talented friend. Miss you, and love you SO MUCH!!!


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