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Curiosity Over Criticism

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#14 Criticism

Be curious, not critical.


Growing up, we used Zest bar soap in the shower and at the sink to wash our hands. In my mind, Zest was the only soap that worked. Anyone who used a different brand wasn’t as clean as I was.

Imagine my surprise when I smelled the heavenly scent of Dove bar soap. My mind nearly exploded the first time I used a liquid soap. Today, I change soap brands regularly. I haven’t used Zest since I left for college. Do they even make it anymore? But as a child, Zest was the only soap that worked.

How easily we criticize. My soap is better than yours. My region’s style of barbecue is best. I don’t have an accent, but you do. My way is the only way. My opinions are the right opinions.

When we hear a different opinion are we curious or critical?

When we see someone different than us are we curious or critical?

When we see a different decision made than the one we would make are we curious or critical?

I want to live my life always curious of the different. I want to be open to learning from others. Don’t you?

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