The Truth: You are loved. You are Beautiful. You have a purpose.

How Are You Doing?

Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.

Patti Digh, Four-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives

40 Things to Give Up for a Better Life

#19 Doing It All

Do you think you can do it all?

Have you been told you can?

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself so you could get everything done? Me too.

But life is a balancing act. We need to take time every once in a while to do some evaluating. To ask:

  • How is my physical health?
  • How am I doing emotionally?
  • How am I doing mentally?
  • How is my relationship with God?
  • Am I overwhelmed in one or more of these areas?
  • What do I need change?

None of us are Superman or Wonder Woman. Only in our dreams.

Like me, take a moment and ask yourself if you are doing okay.

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