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4 Steps I Use to Keep Learning

As long as you live, keep learning to live.


When I was a child, I remember my father turning 50. I thought he was the wisest, smartest man alive. Here I am, 50 years old and I feel like I’m still trying to figure out how to live. I know so little, like the difference between want and need, how to speak confidently and clearly, why some people have heartache upon heartache and others seem to breeze through life, and, selfishly, how to how to watercolor. There’s so much I want to know. Every day I wake up wondering what new thing I will learn today. I can’t imagine having the time to learn it all. And I want to know it all. So I’m going to keep asking questions of those who know more than I do, of those I disagree with, and of those wiser than I am because learning equals growth.

And let’s face it. The moment we think we know it all or even just know enough, is the moment we stop living and start just existing. To stop being curious and questioning is like watching the lights go out in the house. Our brain’s fuses begin to flicker and complacency replaces excitement.

So Let’s keep learning!

4 Steps I Use to Keep Learning

  1. Look – Live life with curious eyes. I try to spend more time looking up than looking down at my phone. I’ve discovered my phone may have all the answers. But all the good questions are around me. Questions like: What kind of bird is on the birdfeeder? Did you see that fox next to the road? Why does my friend look sad, happy, excited?
  2. Educate – Find out more about what you see. I recently downloaded a bird identification app so that next time I see a bird I don’t know, I can look it up. Ask that friend what’s going on in their life?
  3. Train – Maybe it’s time to go deeper into a subject of interest. How about heading over to the library to check out a few books? Is there a college near by? Take a watercolor class. And there are always on-line courses for every interest available.
  4. Share – Share your fun new facts and skills with others. It’s surprising where conversations can go when you share what you’ve recently learned. Others began to open up about their interests, knowledge, views, beliefs, etc. Suddenly, your friendship has expanded and deepened. And you began to learn new things from them too.

Now it’s your turn.

Slow down and look around.

Ask a few questions.

Look up the answers.

Be curious.

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