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Showers of Kindness

As I picked out the Bible verse for Tuesday’s Mom’s in Prayer meeting, I had no idea what God would do with it, that the verse was meant for me. Isn’t that just like God? I love when he gives us little nuggets of truth to reflect on for days.

“He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding.” -Ephesians 1:8 NLT

As I prayed those words and thanked God for his kindness, a memory from earlier in the morning filled my mind. A misty rain fell as I made my way up the sidewalk to my friend’s front door. The rain was everywhere all at once. I couldn’t see droplets falling, but felt them land softly on my face and arms.

Isn’t that just like God’s kindness to us? Enveloping. He doesn’t pelt us with kindness, but he covers us until we are drenched in his love. Suddenly we are aware of his presence, his goodness, his kindness, his incomprehensible love.

All week my mind comes back to that thought. I am drenched in the kindness he showers on me. Again and again I thank him.

My prayer for you today is that you will become aware of God’s showers of kindness to you.

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