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Friday @ 5

    1. Labor Day: A day with family…a day of work…a day of good food, laughter, and love. My siblings and I gathered at my dad’s home and painted garage doors, trimmed trees, washed windows and curtains and power washed porches. I left exhausted, but happy to be with family and satisfied with the hard day’s work.
    1. Ear warmers: I crocheted some adorable ear warmers for my Etsy shop,  Green Gable Studio. It’s not too early to hop on over and get ready for winter.
    1. Book progress: The book, Hello Beautiful,  I’ve co-authored with Jeanette Levellie. is being edited! And the editor said he is enjoying it!! WHAT?! My shoulders have been knotted up in anxiousness about the book. I can breathe a little deeper since hearing that email.
    1. A great read: Chasing Slow, by Erin Loechner. If you’re into memoirs, this is n enjoyable read. I adore Erin’s writing style. Also, you can follow her blog at Design For Mankind.
    1. Mom’s In Prayer: The Mom’s in Prayer group I belong to met for the first time this school year. Oh how I missed this hour of prayer with good friends!Praying for Children & Schools


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