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Saturday Summary

  • Sunday: Off My Needles: Birthday Socks for Jo. She turned 22 today. Where did my babies go?!?! Anyway, I started these on Tuesday!!!! My arm hurts from nonstop knitting. But it was worth it. She beamed when she pulled them out of the bag making the long hours with tiny needles worth it.

Knitting closeup

  • Monday: Off My Bookshelf: “The Killers of Flower Moon by David Grann. I listened to this audiobook and enjoyed it much more than I would have by reading it. Hearing voices tell the details made it feel like a story, not a bunch of facts. It was a fascinating read…or listen. I enjoyed how the three different sections were from three different perspectives. It kept the story moving, revealing facts from different points of view.

Book review, Killers of the Flower Moon

  • Tuesday: The First Day of Spring: The day began with daffodils -oh how I love these little signs of spring, of hope for warmer days. Then ended with….

Spring flowersSpring flowers….snow, ugh! I’ve been dreaming of green grass and flowers. Just when the stems were beginning to push through the dirt, snow fell. I pulled on my WINTER coat and mittens and scraped the snow off my windshield. Ugh!

First day of spring

  • Wednesday: Our little remodeling project took a turn. The drywall is done.
  • Thursday & Friday: The painters came. Yes!!!! And suddenly a bright blue room turns Skien colored (cream). I’m in love.

Blue roomRemodeling

Blue to cream

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