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Off My Needles: 2017 Review

In 2017 I knit 135 projects!

Here’s a breakdown of what I knit:

  • 54 Charity Hats
  • 14 Pair of Socks
  • 53 Hats to sell
  • 21 Gift Knits
  • 3 Shawls
  • 8 Toys

This year I set goals two knitting goals…

  1. a charity hat a week – 52 hats
  2. a pair of socks a month. – 12 socks

I met both those goals!

It was also encouraging to see that my knitting is not really as narcissistic as it feels. Out of the 135 projects, 128 were for others. It’s nice to realize that the hobby I love, the one that both feels the most self-satisfying and selfish, is actually a way I can show love to others and meet others’ needs. Sometimes looking back is a really good thing.

Hand knit closeupHand knit sockHand knit closeupHand knit closeup Hand knit closeup Hand knit closeup

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